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About Us

About Us

Bringing to you the unbeatable experience of shooting, picnic or parties in the majestic bungalows of Mumbai. A great picturesque location, with vineyards, greenery and ample parking space, film shootings location spotters will find the B.M.location to be the discovery itself.

Being in the industry for more than 10 years, B.M location Malad stands one of the top preferred locations in the category film shooting in Mumbai. We have a core base of clients who visit our bungalows for different types of film shots such as the aerial shot in the picturesque background, a perfect wedding scene shot, or any other important shots for film.

It is perfectly maintained and easily accessible by all means of transport. With exclusive amenities, and adequate spacing for the film shooters to stay, B.M. location provides an idyllic place for the wonderful film shoot, in a tranquil environment. The ample power supply stands great for shooting with all heavy equipment and lightings. Finding the perfect backdrop for a photo shoot is very important.

Whether you are looking to shoot a wedding scene in a film, or a short story of a family, take a view at the bungalows in the B.M location that's nestled in a prime location against the beautiful scenic background.

Far from the busy hectic lifestyle, the romantic bungalows with ample spacious rooms in the heart of Malad, stands great for spending exclusive time with your friends and family, planning out for get-together parties or picnic.

All Bungalows are beautifully furnished with exquisite decor that maintains the highest amenity standards. You can simply relax rejuvenate and bask in the scenic beauty of the nature while you breathe in fresh air. The moment you step inside the bungalow, you will feel like you have frozen a time frame in a well maintained palatial house. The excellent location with the royal bungalows stand as a perfect gateway to unwind you, and get yourself pampered.

Whether you are planning for your big day or looking to organize a conference party, or any other auspicious event, hire a bungalow at the B.M location, which will surely embrace you with a sense of warmth and creativity.

If you are looking for a new and fresh location with breathtaking surroundings for great photo shoots, or organizing any event then take a look at the bungalows in B.M location that's sure to captivate and win your heart and imbibe you with memories of lifetime.